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SJL Interiors is a boutique residential and commercial services company that provides tailored solutions to meet your interior styling or home staging needs. We offer straightforward, affordable, personalized décor consulting services as an alternative to costly interior designers and large firms.

Staff Profile

Shannon Gatewood | SJL Interiors

Shannon Gatewood

Interior Stylist

“Your home is a haven for loved ones and your personal sanctuary. Every room should rise up to greet you as soon as you walk in.”

Creative and insightful, Shannon has been styling residential spaces since 2007. Her sense of adventure and passion for travel heavily influence her affinity for various design styles. She embraces the broad spectrum of colors found in nature, draws inspiration from clean lines and elements common to architecture, and artfully mixes materials and prints as in the world of fashion. Shannon believes the décor of your home should reflect your personality and desired style, and that each room should fit your way of life.

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Our Philosophy


Your residential or commercial space should be comfortable, functional, and beautiful – a balance that can be difficult to strike if you don’t have time to decorate on your own. Your space should also reflect your personal style, and obtaining the look you want shouldn’t break the bank.

Our Clientele


We work with individuals, couples, and families, renters and homeowners, as well as realtors, investors, and small businesses – we consult with anyone seeking fresh design ideas, a discerning eye, and those who have a vision but need a little help bringing it to life. Currently, we conduct face-to-face consultations and oversee on-site projects in the greater Washington DC metropolitan area and select counties in the Baltimore metropolitan area. We also offer virtual services for anyone who resides outside our physical service area – our Standard or Classic Tier interior styling service package will fit the bill.

Our Approach


SJL Interiors works with you to determine which of our à la carte (Tailored) or packaged (Tiered) services is right for you. While most designers and firms work solely on an hourly or flat-fee basis, with us you have the flexibility to choose between either, or a combination of the service types you want. You have the freedom to customize your styling experience, so you’ll never pay for more than what you need, when you need it.

We always begin our projects with an initial consultation to help us understand your goals, wants, and needs. Don’t worry, there’s no pressure if you choose not to work with us after the first meeting. If you decide to work with us, we’ll discuss your budget, develop a timeline, and talk about what you can expect as we complete your project.

Throughout your project, we focus on the aesthetics – the look, layout, and feel – of an existing space. We employ color, texture, and patterns to create a cohesive concept. Furniture defines the room, lighting and other decorative elements enhance the atmosphere. When your project is complete, you’ll get to enjoy the benefits of a polished space without the hassle or headaches that come with trying to implement a design concept on your own.